Arbor Consulting

ArborSmart is able to provide Tree Reports, Arboricultural Assessments and Tree Audits – these are valuable tools to assist with the management, development and removal of trees. This consulting work relies on many years industry experience and current aboricultural knowledge. ArborSmart is a member of International Society of Arboriculture.

Our list of Service


  • Hazard & Risk Assessment

  • Independent Reporting

  • Court Work/Expert witness

  • S.U.L.E Evaluations & Ratings

  • Root investigation

  • General tree health and condition

  • Structural integrity/stability of tree specimens

  • Tree pests and/or diseases

  • Impacts on surrounding infrastructure

Hazard Assessments


Tree reports are commonly undertaken with a view to identifying hazards and risks, and by offering solutions via remedial tree maintenance operations, trees can often be retained whilst managing any associated risks to within acceptable levels. Often, large seemingly hazardous tree specimens can be managed by qualified and experienced arborists without the need to remove the tree.

Tree Surveys and Audits


A tree survey/audit provides an excellent tool for implementing a long term management plan when dealing with large numbers of trees within a specific environment. A tree survey/audit can provide a wide range of information, including:


  • Number of trees

  • Location of trees

  • Species of tree

  • General health and condition of trees

  • Staus of trees (significant/non-significant)

  • Identification of pests/diseases


A tree survey/audit can provide clients with information on any required tree work as well as prioritising work with a view to implementing a staged management plan.